Monday, January 11, 2010

Following Crazy Heart

You find what you’re looking for

It’s mid-afternoon and you’ve just come out the side door of the Angelika and you’re glad that’s the sidewalk you’re on. You’ve just seen ‘Crazy Heart’ and you don’t want to be a block over, walking north toward home through the endless cheesiness of Broadway. What you want is a beer in a bar with country music playing, but you’ve just come back from Wyoming and you know that bar isn’t in this town. So you walk toward the corner and you dip down into Mercer Street Books where the lights and the squeeze of books on tables and shelves makes you rub your hands together like you would have in that country bar if it were here. And you know you’ll find something. Half-an-hour later you do. A 25-year-old used biography of James Agee. Five dollars and fifty cents. Your own crazy heart is satisfied for now. You walk home, with your new book, avoiding Broadway the whole way.

Photo caption:
James Agee:
A Bad Blake of his own.

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