Monday, March 8, 2010

Nose In It:

Looking at the stack of four books, you think of two things quickly. One, how much cooler they look than the Kindle version could possibly look. Two, what a motley mix it is. The books have nothing in common. They could be gifts waiting to be wrapped for three different graduates, and a parent. Two are new. Food Rules by Michael Pollan. Get it. If you change one thing in your diet, it’s worth the eleven bucks. It’s a nice little book to hold, too. Then there’s Roger Rosenblatt’s Making Toast. I’d buy it for you. And you’d be thankful, even if it’s about the sudden death of his 38-year-old daughter. It’s the most human book. Go to it.

Two oldies. Joseph Mitchell’s legendary Up in the Old Hotel. I read a few selections again. Maybe I’ve read them too often, like I’ve looked at Cartier-Bresson’s photos too many times. They didn’t do it for me this time. Unlike Don DeLillo’s Underworld which I’m reading for the second time. Better than whatever movie won the Oscar.

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