Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where All The World Is Shiny

For cheap thrills, dip into your local magazine store

It’s a beauty of living in this city, and of living on the second floor like I do, that magazine stores are easy to get to. Even with the almost-give-away cheap prices for subscriptions today, it’s always worth your time to browse the shiny walls of a place filled from the ceiling to your feet with irresistible mags. Why wait till you’re at the airport or the train station and too hurried to enjoy it.

You’ll find periodicals you didn’t know existed. You might grab a photo mag or a British political paper, and get excited in that special way only page-turning can do. The internet doesn’t come close.

Take your kid with you. The porn is in the back or non-existent. They’ll want you to get them a magazine. If they really like it, you can subscribe to it.

I resist cheap home delivery offers from the Times, so I can walk a block in early morning to get mine at the store. All those covers.

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