Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Classic Opinionated Movie Book

It’s heavy like the big dictionary it is

It’s one of those they call ‘the perfect bathroom book’. You can turn to any page and maybe find some entry that’ll matter to you; if not, just turn to another page. I just did it this second , and ‘Peter Falk’ was there. There are 1500 entries. I just tried it again and there was ‘William Hurt’.

It’s not just dry biographical notes either. Or italicized filmographies. David Thomson, who taught at Dartmouth, is opinionated and will challenge you, maybe make you mad. He’s got his own tastes. You’ve got yours. Oh, he’s smart. It’s fun to disagree with him.

It’s almost 1000 pages. Get it for yourself . We’re movie crazy, aren’t we? Soon, the way they’re talking, they’ll be more movies than you can look at, on the computer. This book would be a good companion for all that.

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