Tuesday, August 2, 2011

These times still demand the Times

Read it with your English muffin in the morning

I haven’t signed-up for the online edition of the Times. I buy it every morning around 6:00. I like to go out to get it. It looks great in a stack under a light outside the magazine store a block up the street. I get a cup of coffee while I’m out, and an orange and a banana to go with my peanut butter-slathered English muffin. I love getting back to my apartment, putting my fixins on a plate, and then taking it to the couch with the paper. It’s quiet. The computer is still dark in the other room. No TV, no radio. Just the Times and me. By lamplight.

Knowing I don’t have unlimited access to the online edition makes me read the paper version more thoroughly. I spend over an hour with it. I probably save time that way though. If I had online access still, I’d waste who knows how much time during the day. This way is better. I recommend it. On all levels.

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