Monday, April 23, 2012

OK, So I’m a Celtics Fan
Ray Allen is one of the reasons

From The Boston Globe:

He cannot remember what was in the contest jar - balls or jellybeans or other objects - but Celtics guard Ray Allen clearly recalls the prize he received as a first-grader at his Oklahoma elementary school.
“I won three books,’’ Allen said with a smile. “I remember I felt so proud that I won those three books, those books were mine.’’

Allen traces his love of reading to that moment, and it continues today, as he uses the pleasures of a good book to ease the boredom of long road trips or soothe a particularly bad loss. To the world, Allen’s identity is as an NBA superstar with a smooth 3-point shot. But in the locker room, on the road, or waiting for a game to start, he is the guy with his nose in a book.

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