Thursday, November 21, 2013

Big Adventure In The Mailbox
My unlikely once-a-month excitement

Maybe 40 years ago I was sitting in the sun reading on the uncovered upstairs porch in a double house inLakewood, Ohio when two squirrels started racing back and forth aggressively in a love duel on an overhead, right-near-me power line. The noisy tooth and claw and fur of it all, sent me inside. I was scared. Weirded out.

So, you wouldn’t think that ‘Outside’ would be maybe my favorite magazine. I love it. The photos most, of snow in the mountains, yurts at night lit up like pumpkins. Campfires. Rivers and rafts. Ads for cool-colored outdoor stuff. Clothes. Ads for summer trips through Yosemite. Or to Patagonia. Ice fishing. Great writing.

I’ll bet you’d like it too.

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