Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Better Rivers Than Amazon
Local bookstores are the way to go

Of course the parts of the city that have the reading needs that made me make my sign don’t have
neighborhood bookstores. That’s tragic.  Imagine how different part of the block would be if there were a good bookstore with a good window display. There used to be bookstores all over town. Fewer and fewer now. We all know that.

This book has writers from around the country write about their favorite bookstores. Towns or cities you might not think of as bookish, have a good store that means something to the community. We have some good ones still left here. But their rents aren’t getting any cheaper. Forget Amazon, that’s not like going in a real store. It’s just easy. Easy is what got our society in trouble; made us fat, too. Start tomorrow; no more Amazon. Look for a store that seems to fit you, and be a regular. 

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