Thursday, September 11, 2014

The Summer of 1975
A very memorable purchase

After teaching in Cleveland for six years right out of college, I wanted to try something else. I’d always liked books and there was a classic bookshop there that I was very taken with. You couldn’t not be. The first time I went in there, this Gertrude Stein book is what I bought. I even have a note in the front, by the date, that it was the first book I ever bought there.  I think I sensed that the place was going to be in my life somehow. But I couldn’t have guessed then that I’d eventually be a part owner of the place. I just came across the book—again—a few weeks ago when I was looking through a box for something else. I can remember the day I bought it, where it was on the shelf. I can see my hand on it, knowing that I’d be getting it, knowing that it would be a smart book. 

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