Friday, April 20, 2018

The street, Chambers Street, that I hold my sign on is just two lanes. It's pretty jammed when I'm there from 8:00-9:00 weekday mornings. It's rush hour and there's usually some kind of delay up ahead. Some cars beep at me standing there with the sign. They give a thumbs-up, sometimes two thumbs. Sometimes a car in the far lane, if they're stopped for a minute, will roll the window down and make some comment that I can't always make out with the thrum of lower Manhattan filling my ears. Yesterday a good-looking car was thumpimg with rap music with the windows up. I could hear it four cars away. When it got right across from me it came to a stop. It was throbbing then and throbbing more when the driver rolled down his window and put his forearm out with a strong curved thumb catching the morning light and said, 'Raise that sign higher, brotha.'

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