Saturday, November 3, 2018

Saturday. No sign to hold. I make do with the big morning Times which comes with some Sunday sections when you get it delivered which I do on weekends. I’ll make breakfast in a bit, same one I have every day. I’ll go to the library at 10:00, out of recent habit now even though the broken laptop’s been replaced. I’ll go have a coffee. I take just $5.00 to the coffee shop which gets me a cup and a refill with tips. Take more and I wind up getting a $3.25 cranberry almond scone.

I read at the coffee shop. Write stuff in a notebook. In the light from the big windows. It’s the best place. I was never a coffee shop guy. I wasn’t really a coffee guy. I was a tavern guy. Now they get me my coffee when they see me walk in like they used to start me a Guinness across the street. I liked the Guinness like I like the scone. I’m better with just the 5 bucks.

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