Sunday, December 30, 2018

I bought books, only books, unless you count the candy and the harmonicas I bought for five grandchildren, this year for holiday gifts for immediate family and extended family members. In addition to those books, I gave bookstore gift certificates to my three daughters and their kids. For one daughter I went to Three Lives, in the photo, in the West Village. The store was her old haunt when she lived right by it before she moved to Brooklyn. For my daughter uptown with two kids I went to The Corner Bookstore which is near them. For my Wyoming daughter and husband and their three daughters I called and got gift certificates sent to them from the Valley Bookstore that's right by them. All of that was great fun for me. When I was in the stores I thought about how lucky I was and the other customers I saw were to have such good stores in their neighborhoods. And I thought about how many neighborhoods don't have a bookstore and don't even have good library hours in this big lucky-for-some city. 

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