Tuesday, January 8, 2019


It was cold again today holding the sign. I thought of the same-every-day warm breakfast I'd make when I got back to my apartment. But mostly the cold was on my mind. Among the cold things that came to mind standing there I thought of Peter Matthiessen's The Snow Leopard, a book that means so much to me --I've read it three times--that one of the passwords I use incorporates the title. 

When I walk from the subway to my building after I've held the sign, I stop at the bodega to get a New York Times and a banana and an orange. I do it every day. The young woman with a wide face and an easy humorous smile who often works behind the counter and takes my money, $4.75, is from Tibet. She was there today.


  1. I am intrigued about a book that you have read three times and would love to hear more about what draws you into it. (I haven't read it, so I guess I'm asking for your best recommendation for it.)

    1. Like all of his writing, the details alone, the things he notices and knows so much about, are worth it. Plus his honesty, his self-scrutiny. Plus, there's the death of his wife he's dealing with as he goes off for two months into the Himalayas, and the promise to his motherless child that he'll be back sooner than he gets back. Plus the tremendous natural world. Plus Buddhism. Plus the personality of the sherpas. Just telling you this little bit about it makes me want to read it again.