Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A World Within A World

Andre Kertesz’s 63 photos of people lost in reading

When I get a book, I put my name in it, and the year I got it, and the season. In this one, it says ‘B. Gunlocke Fall ‘75’. It doesn’t seem possible I’ve had it that long. But it does look that old. It’s a paperback, only 70-some pages. On good paper. The price then was $3.95. The cover’s a little cracked and yellowed, like a book you’d see outside Strand on one of the their bargain-shelves-on-wheels, for $1.00. If you see it there, get it. Or order it. Any bookstore will do that for you.

I’ll bet I’ve looked at it a hundred times. I must have bought 10 copies over the years and given them away. If you like photography, you know Kertesz. For years he lived on Washington Square. You’ve likely seen his photos looking down on the park in winter, with footprints patterning the snow. If you like reading, you’ll stare at the pages of this little book.

Photo Caption: Kertesz must have been a devout reader himself. Each example is like a holy card.

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