Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Annie’s Un-Vanity Fair Photos
Annie Leibovitz shoots some timeless beauty

She’s not on assignment for anyone but herself in this book with the breathtaking dust-jacket close-up of Niagara Falls. She started the Pilgrimage (the book’s title) there, and then headed out. To Walden Pond, Amherst, Massachusetts, Yosemite, Georgia O’Keefe’s New Mexico, Virginia Woolf’s England, among other places with great interiors and exteriors to shoot with her big and small cameras.

One thing Leibovitz does in her best books is write about her feeling and her process. Readers like to learn about how people do their work. She satisfies that way. And her photographs are so rich, they’re like paintings. This a real book, with intelligence and determination and heft. Full of celebration, if not celebrity. It’s a thing of beauty.

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