Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Be There or Be Square
Libraries have the coolest stuff

It used to be(didn’t it?) that teenagers would hang out at the library on school nights to sit next to their friends and do their homework and laugh too loud. Sometimes boys and girls together. They’d work on term papers. Do they still have those? They’d work on History projects. They’d chew gum and try to look cool. The lights were brighter there than at home. There were no family members there. There were magazines if you got bored. It was more fun than TV.

I don’t sense they do that anymore. There are all sorts of good books they’d like. Not just classics either. Good young adult novels with great covers. How are they going to run across those if they don’t go to the library at night.? They’re at home’texting’ instead. When all the valuable texts are in the library.

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