Thursday, October 25, 2012

Do You Go To Your Library Much?

You’re lucky if you have a good one near you.

The library in my neighborhood is not a good one. It’s as bad as New York’s airports are. You don’t really want to be there. It doesn’t stimulate you. It doesn’t feel smart . I got punched in the face in there a few years ago for telling a methadone addict to keep it down. Now I walk almost 25 minutes to another library in the West Village that I like because it feels like you’re in college when you’re in it. That’s what you want from a library. You want to feel even a little intimidated by a library. Like it knows more than you do. You don’t want one where they’re mostly dispensing movies, and non-reader-types are riffling through plastic-encased DVDs non-stop all day, asking their buddies, Have we seen this one? You don’t want that.

A good one is a thing to cherish. I feel that way about the one I’m sitting in now.

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