Monday, November 21, 2016

IT WAS COLD ON CHAMBERS STREET this morning. The wind was blowing harder downtown than where I live and there were a couple times I had to laugh to myself when the sign almost flew out of my hands while I was adjusting the knit cap I wear on cold mornings. I laughed because I must have looked funny standing there in the wind to the folks crawling by in their warm cars in the morning crush of traffic. 

Some of them beep to let me know they agree with the sign. Some roll down their windows and give me a thumbs-up or quick take a picture of the sign with their phones. Now and then someone will ask out their window what my deal is, but I can’t really make out what they’re saying because they’re doing big construction work on a building across the street and that drowns out the exchange. I grin and nod back at them. 

One guy walking by me today said, because it was so cold and windy, ‘That’s dedication!’ That I could hear. It makes me feel good to hear that. Not because it’s about me, in the normal sense of me. But because it corroborates this rewarding feeling of being useful which I’ve had since the message of the sign came to me.