Friday, January 29, 2021


On the sports talk

radio show that

I’m drawn to 

listen to almost 

every day even 

on days when

Breaking News was happening

three of the personalities 

who call regularly are

Ira from Staten Island

Spike from New Jersey

and Omar from Brooklyn.

The hosts mention with 

delight every time

a caller named 

Incarcerated Bob 

but I’ve never heard him call

when I’m listening.

It was real cold out when I went across the street to get coffee just now. It was cold and colder many mornings when I went downtown with my sign and stood with it for an hour every weekday for seven years until last March. No presidential candidates talked about poor kids and reading; just one mayoral candidate here has. The reason I wrote my newsletter and started this blog was to talk about that. That’s the sign against the wall by my desk waiting to go out again.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021


A woman 

wrote in a book

I read once

that making your

bed first thing

was good for you

in real important ways.

She said it

in a tone

that made me do it

through divorce 

and all the years of 

nights that followed

through nights of pints when

when you don’t 


getting into that bed

through the restless sleep

of these 

endless days in isolation 

even with a trendy weighted blanket

on top of things

I make it obsessively

smoothing all the lumps 

even later if the

window light


I missed one.

Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Joan Didion is 86 now. She lives here in New York. Her pieces about California where she grew up were what got our attention. Her essays on/in the ‘60s were all important. Her style of writing and the things she noticed continued to open our eyes to things. Here’s an excerpt from a slim book of some previously uncollected essays coming out today:

Monday, January 25, 2021


It’s Monday which 

is good but

it’s become a month of 


into the next and

my routine 

is so


This is not like the

ads promised

which is what we 

went by

even if we’ve

learned how to

forward past them