Saturday, November 6, 2021



‘For months now, there has been building pressure from right-wing groups like No Left Turn in Education who have been setting up adults to go after books and even displays in public and school libraries.’ (from the piece below that was in ‘Harper’s Bazaar’):

Wednesday, November 3, 2021

SO SINCE THE PANDEMIC STARTED I hadn’t been on Chambers Street with the sign at 8:00 like I used to be. Today, the mayoral election over, seemed like a time to go back. I was half-hesitant. It was a different world now. I was 74. Who needs an old guy with his same old sign. But I went and everybody on the wide sidewalk had a mask on. But I saw those faces I used to see. They saw me. My eyes almost watered. Some said they’d looked for me every day. People who’d never seen me nodded at the sign’s message or gave a strong thumbs-up. One woman said, That’s absolutely the truth! She pulled her mask down a bit so I’d hear. One woman said, Amen.

Glory Edim — whose next anthology, On Girlhood, is out now — picks the books that shaped her: