Monday, December 12, 2016

ON ESPN.COM SUNDAY THERE WAS THE HEADLINE that said, ‘Dak Needs All The Reps He Can Get’. Dak is the rookie quarterback for the Cowboys, Dak Prescott. Randy Moss is the one who said it. He’d know what it takes to succeed in the NFL.

Reps are important for a young quarterback. They’re important for you and me too. From bowling to yoga to learning how to fly fish to doing crossword puzzles.

When people ask me, out on the sidewalk where I hold my sign, what I would do about the failure of the schools to teach every school kid to read well, I often say, They need more reps. The schools have to see to it that the kids, who come from places where they didn’t read much or get read to much, get the chance in school to catch up with the curriculum that’s based on being able to read well. It can’t happen by putting college banners up in the hallways and classrooms of grade schools. It can’t happen by calling third graders scholars. It can only happen with reps.