Sunday, February 13, 2011


The Brooklyn Rail: It is the road to ride

I’ve been reading this for about a year. It comes out 10 times a years. It’s thick. On good paper. It feels like the Voice once did. Feels even better than that. It’s writing is stimulating. It’s more like The New York Review of Book in its style and topics.

Politics, cultural stuff, some fiction. The art is smart and all in black-and-white. The ads are too. And they’re not the usual garish tabloid ads. They’re for galleries and books. You feel while you’re reading it that you’re in the New York you wanted it to be when you moved here.

I subscribe to it but you can find it for free in some bookstores. They have a cool website ( But I’d look for a hard copy. Its texture is a big part of reading it. And it’s worth reading.

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