Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Art of Sending Postcards

Making an old thing new again

I’ve got two young granddaughters in Wyoming. A couple months ago it hit me that I should send them a postcard every week or two. So I’ve been doing that. What a wonderful connective thing it is to do. For the sender anyway. I have no idea how big a deal it is for them. They’d rather get stickers, I’m sure. But it’s fun to pick out the cards. It gets you to museum stores. And that’s a good thing. You get to swim around all the great stuff there. And then to leave with a bag so thin, it could be 1965 and you’ve got the new Beatles 45. It’s all cool.

Back home on the couch, a photo book beneath you for a lap desk, you think what you want to say. 15-20 words are all you’ve got room for. The pen moves nicely in the little space. It makes a mark. It’s your mark.

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