Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One Of The Real Wonders Of The World
A little book sings the praises of libraries

I read this book on the #6 train over two or three weeks. An entry going downtown. Another one on the way home. I could have taken the speedier express trains but the #6 allows for more reading time. (I’ll bet more people than I choose slow trains for that reason.)
The book is a collection of twenty-some essays and memoirs by current British writers about their library experiences. Each piece is short. The book itself is only 175 pages. You can’t each just one. I was engrossed in all of them.

The BFont sizeritish system is cash-strapped like ours is. The writers in this collection remind us of the wonders of a library.

On St. Patrick’s Day, after watching a bit of the parade, my oldest daughter and I took her 3 ½ year old twins into her hew-neighborhood library and got them each their own card. Little New Yorkers with their new NYPL cards in their little hands. Lion cubs.

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