Monday, July 30, 2012

Once The Best Friend You Had

The Village Voice doesn’t talk like it used to. That’s too bad for all of us.

It would have once been the leader in the fight against NYU’s expansion in the Village. Its writers would have been who you wanted to read on the subject. You felt stimulated and radical reading it. You felt you had a companion when it came out every week. No matter your age. It was the Voice you listened to.

Nothing has come along and really bested it. But it’s not a big deal anymore. It doesn’t have the income or the pages it used to. Craigslist took away its all-important classified ad base. Mobile phones took away what we thought was our timeless hunger for real pages to read from.

You probably don’t read it much anymore. I don’t either really. But when I’m stopping somewhere for a beer in an afternoon window or a slice somewhere, I’ll grab one. You should too.

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