Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reps Matter Everywhere

A young Notre Dame QB will get better with more reps

Last night I camped out in front of my TV to watch my old school play Michigan State. The kid I was most interested in watching was the quarterback Everett Golson. It was only his third game as a starter. He’s full of promise. He’s quick in ways you want a QB to be. He can pass, he can run. He has poise. He was a good enough high school basketball player to get a scholarship offer from North Carolina. He’s a polished piano player, too.

The ABC announcers were effusive in their praise of him. And they said he’ll only get better the more reps he gets. I thought, of course, it’s that way with everything. It’s what the school kids in the city need to get to learn to read well. Just like Golson will practice every day during the season, and in the off-season, too, to get better, kids need that same kind of practice to work on their reading skills. If the athletic departments know what’s needed for success, why don’t the academic departments?

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