Monday, April 29, 2013

Seems To Me, This Is The Book

If you want to (or think you ought to) read one book on the state of the schools

You may be tired of reading about New Orleans and post-Katrina. I thought I was. I’m tired of the Saints for sure. But I’ve always been drawn to books about schools and kids. And I saw the author, Sarah Carr, on C-Span. So I emailed my bookstore and ask them to hold a copy or get a copy for me, and they did.
I’ve been reading it exclusively on the short subway ride I take to and from holding my sign on weekday mornings.  It’ll take weeks at that rate.  That’s fine.

It’s about the schools in New Orleans and how they had to be repaired, and re-thought after the flooding.  It applies here. If you like to read about school things, this book is for you.

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