Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Not My Kind Of Town

This gossipy new book reminds me why

In spring when the trees in my New York neighborhood are full of buds, I think of Washington where I went to high school. At my age I get wistful for things and places from my youth. Each spring I tell myself I’d rather be in DC. 

After reading Mark Leibovich’s This Town, I won’t waste time with such thoughts again.

It reminds you that the guys who ran for office in high school (yours and mine) are the guys who run DC. The guys who made posters for themselves. This book is all about them, with their insecurities and their vanities. It’s full of good bad-stuff. Leibovich is the chief national correspondent for the ‘New York Times Magazine’. The book is like a good magazine article that lasts a nice long time. 

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