Monday, August 10, 2015

Life Goes to the Movies

A slice of David Foster Wallace’s life makes for quite a film

I’m not one for biopics. I didn’t even see the Johnny Cash one with Joaquin Phoenix, even though I’ve sometimes told people I did, so they wouldn’t scratch their heads or try to convince me what I missed. I didn’t see the James Brown one, or Brian Wilson. You couldn’t strap me down and make me watch Kevin Spacey be Bobby Darin.  

But I overcame things and went to see The End of the Tour on the morning of its second day at the Angelika. The trailer I’d seen at the Woody Allen movie sold me on Jason Segel as David Foster Wallace. I didn’t need to be sold on Jesse Eisenberg.  Don’t miss their performances. I pulled Infinite Jest off the shelf when I got home. I never quite finished it. Even though I thought it was fantastic. 

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