Saturday, April 21, 2018

I binge-watched Sex and the City one day with friends in Cleveland when I was back visiting maybe 18-20 years ago. I think it's the only time I've binge-watched. I enjoyed it that day. I knew my daughters liked the show and it gave me a TV connection with them which I almost never had. I liked Cynthia Nixon's character the best. She was easily my favorite.

I didn't really keep up with the show when I got back to New York. I can be that way. But I liked seeing Cynthia Nixon go on to do great work on stage and in some movies. I found it way cool that she was interested in public school issues. Her kids go to public schools here.

So when one day a couple years ago she and her partner (arms around each other is how I knew) went into the Department of Education right where I hold my sign, I got a little excited, and kept an eye out for them. Some minutes later they came back out the door of the big building, walking near me, close enough that Cynthia Nixon looked at my sign.

You can't tell who's going to like the sign as they approach it. No more than the women in grocery store aisles handing out samples of cheese spread on a cracker can tell who's going to ask for one. I've been disappointed and pleasnatly surprised by how people react.

I was big time disappointed by Nixon's reaction. She looked mad at it. Disdain may be the word. She looked away and walked away, her arm over her shorter partner's shoulder.

It bothered me. I Googled her when I got home. Nothing I found explained it.

Maybe she was thinking about running for office then. Maybe the sign surprised her. Maybe she agreed with the sign and didn't have a quick answer to herself about the issue. Maybe that bothered her

She's running for governor. She's for and against all the right things. Progressive for sure. I hope she comes by again. I hope she stops this time. At least smiles.

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