Tuesday, July 3, 2018

I war with myself over whether to keep getting the hardcopy Times every day, or to just read it online where it’s more current and the background light is bright. My back-of-the building second-floor apartment has terrible light, and leaning into a reading lamp with a big newspaper can get cumbersome. But we’ll see.

One great thing about hardcopy newspapers is that they hang around all day. You can grab a section whenever you want. It’s not out of sight like the online version is.

I learned the wonder of reading from devouring the sports section of the morning and afternoon papers we got delivered to our house when I was a kid. It has frequently crossed my mind that the lack of fathers in many homes in the poor parts of the city means that there’s no Daily News or New York Post on the kitchen table with their big splashy sports headline on the back to lure a young kid into the wonder of reading.

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