Thursday, January 3, 2019

I felt old last night. Not physically old. Just older than the mass culture. I'm not the target audience anymore. Haven't been for sometime. The hot things on Netflix aren't hot to me. I might like one or two of them, but I don't need to see them like I once needed to see or listen to or at least know about so many of-the-moment things. I almost never recognize a face on GQ or Esquire or Rolling Stone on the newsstand anymore. I felt like going two blocks up the street to the neighborhood library. Libraries fit me no matter my age. But it was 6:45 and the library closes at 7:00 on Wednesday. Other nights it closes at 6:00. Those of you who don't live here probably don't believe that. Your library is open till 9:00. It's where high school kids do homework or look at magazines or hang with their friends away from home and parents. It's shocking, the library hours here. 

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