Thursday, March 14, 2019

I've mentioned this guy before. He intrigues me because he's the mayor of South Bend, Indiana where I went to college. The boyish-looking mayor went to Harvard and was a Rhodes Scholar at Oxford. You don't think of that when you think of South Bend. You don't think they'd have a gay mayor either. But they do, and he's running for president. He's the youngest of the Democratic contenders. He's 37. He served in Afghanistan. He's been on all the shows. Today I saw this book of his in the big Barnes & Noble on Union Square. There are so many new books about politics and our culture in stores now. It's a heated time. I was thinking about books a while ago. When you read, you sometimes take notes or make a note in the margin. Even if you're reading a novel, you might do that. With TV, no.

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