Friday, March 1, 2019

This week the news reported that Mayor de Blasio had ended the Renewal program. It was his plan to improve schools that were having trouble. He didn't want to close schools that consistently did poorly like Mayor Bloomberg had. Bloomberg didn't just close schools, he built new smaller ones around the city, with some mixed results. de Blasio put more resources into the schools that needed more resources to make things better. It didn't work. 

When I get into a conversation with different people who stop by my sign to talk about school things, I frequently point down at the sign where it says 'read' and say if this was the acknowledged center of everything, which you'd think it would be but is never said to be, then things would fall into place. Sometimes I say it would be like plugging a new number into a spreadsheet. Everything would change. They'd then know what teachers and other staff to hire. There would be a direction. A plan. I even say sometimes that it would improve discipline. You could say Shh, people are trying to read, rather than be quiet because I said so.

Maybe you could call schools reading academies.  

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