Monday, July 29, 2019
Was it the oxycodone I'd been taking every four hours for four days? Was it because it was the first day back out on the street with the sign? Was it too sunny and maybe I hadn't had enough water? I felt weak after 45 minutes. I was talking to a man who'd stopped to tell me about his worries about his first-grade daughter who seemed to be slow at everything. He was a Latino laborer with his hair in a bandana. He spoke with an accent. It wasn't easy for him to be telling a stranger this. I felt bad that I had to stop our conversation. I wasn't worried that I'd pass out, but I was staring at the ground and was feeling weak, the sun beating down on my shoulders in a dark blue shirt. I'll go back tomorrow.


  1. It's partly the Oxycodone.
    It's also the shock to your body that comes from having an entire shoulder replaced.
    You've got guts to keep going out there so soon. I'm not sure it's a great idea yet. Most people's bodies take a couple of weeks just to get rid of the anesthetics. Listen to your body. Take things a step at a time.
    If your doctor assured you that you can do this, remember. surgeons lie about how long it takes to recover from surgery.
    I remember having a pretty big surgery when I was 40. My Dad asked me about three months later how I was feeling. I said that I was back to my normal routine, but did not feel like myself.
    He said, "You'll feel like yourself next . . . year."
    He was right. It took me almost a year before I could forget that I had surgery.

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