Friday, September 20, 2019

Beautiful day on Chambers Street. Later students from the public schools will go to Foley Square for a rally to insist more be done fast to halt climate change. Greta will be there or will be present at the end of the rally. I’m going down to Foley Square at noon when it starts. My photo lens wants to see it. 

While I hold the sign, people going by sometimes make comments. Today a hard-ass from a pickup truck hollered, It’s the damn Democrats. A guy my age went by and said,  Yeah reading, AND CURSIVE. That’s a major concern to some older people. I don’t get it.

A young woman who works for the department of education stops and talks sometimes. She stopped today. She is part of a team that works with homeless kids in the city’s school system. There are 100,000 homeless kids in the system. 

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