Tuesday, August 11, 2020

I have five grandchildren scheduled to return to their public school grade school classrooms. Four actually; one is in private school because her NYC public school wasn’t a fit. I haven’t seen them since this pandemic filled the air. The two New York kids went outside the city like a lot of kids who could did. The other three live in Wyoming near Yellowstone, so mobs of eager national park tourists have filled their town, not all with masks on. All five kids have plenty of books and they have computers at home, four have their own phones. Not all kids even have many books at their home, if any. School is the one best chance for kids who don’t have all the stuff to get on equal footing with the others. At least their desks will all be the same. And their teachers. And their subjects. School is where they can be helped and encouraged to read well. That can make all the difference in their lives. 

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