Monday, July 26, 2021


Rosenwald Schools. You may not have heard of them. Amazing that we didn’t know or hear much if anything about them. Booker T. Washington got with Julius Rosenwald head of Sears in Chicago in 1911 and from those discussions came a commitment from Rosenwald to help build and fund schools for under-served Black students in the South. From 1912 to 1937 Rosenwald helped underwrite 4,978 schools. Maya Angelou attended a Rosenwald School, so did Medgar Evers. John Lewis did too. He wrote the foreword to this book done by Andrew Feiler a photographer who took photos of some of the structures that still stand. Here’s a connection to an enlightening talk with Feiler which I just watched. I ordered the book from my bookstore after I watched:

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