Wednesday, June 1, 2022


The Sad Young Literary

Man Is Now a Middle-Aged Dad 

Keith Gessen wrote a memoir about family life. His wife, Emily Gould, is mostly okay with that.


  1. The last paragraph of this profile got on my LAST nerve. With all the ACTUAL nightmares in the world, for the writer to come up with a paragraph about how horrible it is to decide to be a writer and then be fortunate enough to be published (shored up by Emily Gould's moan)--OMG! The unthinking privilege! And I say that as someone who has written and been published a LOT (in the early days, with your support). It ain't exactly working in a coal mine. All 3 of them need a reality check, you know?

    1. It is annoying. They’re young. It would have been better maybe to end two paragraphs earlier.