Monday, June 27, 2011

I Went Down to the Sacred Store

St. Mark’s Bookshop makes some changes

I read in New York Press that St. Mark’s Bookshop has been forced by the economy and New Yorkers’ new reading habits to make do without part-time workers, and has had to cut back some of the regular staff’s hours.
Nothing shocks me anymore about the deteriorating state of real books and the places that sell real books. But this news about St. Mark’s surprised me. I figured it was such a unique store in such a huge town that it would always have enough customers for the intellectually challenging stock on its shelves and the edgy graphics books on its table. The East Village, St. Mark’s Place, NYU, and Cooper Union are all right there, or close.
It’s one of those stores that changes you. You walk in and you’re different than you were seconds ago on the street. It has its own created attitude. It’s like going to the Film Forum. Which itself may be getting hurt by Netflix. This online world has its casualties.
Go to bookstores. Don’t buy books on line. Use that for shoes. And go to the Film Forum too.

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