Monday, June 27, 2011

Let Kids Read AItalicbout Their Heroes

Summer’s a good time to get them magazines

Maybe it’s Jose Reyes. Maybe it’s Wayne Rooney. Or the US women’s soccer team. Maybe it’s Lady Gaga. Whoever it is, there’s sure to be magazines that obsess about them. Buy some for your kids. They’ll love them. They’ll read every page. They’ll find it fun. They’ll like the way magazines speak to them, to their interest, their fantasy, their identity.

And it will improve their reading. Summer is notoriously the time when kids lose whatever momentum they built-up in reading. Magazines will keep them swimming in the right direction.
Magazine subscriptions are cheap. Buck an issue. Order some. It’s great when they come in the mail. For a kid especially.

It’ll take them away from the TV for an hour here and there.

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