Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One of Life’s Big Treats    

Shopping at your local bookstore

It’s an easy and quiet trip to order a book from Amazon late at night. You’re reading Moby Dick and it’s so good you want more Melville in your life, because that’s the way we are. You go right to Amazon and you order Billy Budd. No notes on index cards needed to remind you to get it at your local bookstore. Back to reading Moby Dick, more Melville on the way.

That’s efficient fun. No doubt. But deeper fun can be had by going to your favorite bookshop. Get your Melville there.

I don’t know what to say about e-books. They look so thin and colorless to me when I see someone reading one on the subway that I have nothing to say about them, except they look not at all interesting, while real books look so interesting, I’ll buy ones I may never even read.

Go to your local bookstore. They’ve got smart people in them and good-looking books you’ll want to buy.

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