Wednesday, October 24, 2018

To immerse myself in something big, to get away from the news about the indecent president, I turned to this novel two days ago. I've read it before. It's over 600 pages. It's the fifth volume. The sixth, the final one, comes out in paperback next year. British novelist Rachel Cusk says it's 'perhaps the most significant literary enterprise of our time.' I had already given my copy to Goodwill when I finished it, so I had to go buy a new copy. If you've never read these books, look them up, look him up on YouTube. I'm reading the part now where he goes off to the Writing Academy. It's in Norway where he lives. Last night I put the World Series on mute at different times to read a couple pages.

My Struggle, Book 5: Some Rain Must Fall (Paperback)

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