Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nose In It:

A train trip to the Midwest made for great reading time. Trains, which surprisingly don’t have wifi, give you back your sanity. Just you and a book (and the little pillow they toss to you). In my case, Flannery, A Life of Flannery O’Connor, by Brad Gooch. I bought it at Penn Books, downstairs at the station, just before departure. Perfect choice for me. When I got back, someone bought me the new Don DeLillo novel, Point Omega. The Times didn’t like it much. I did. I don’t care about plots. But this lean story drew me in. The writing is precise and clear. The right details are everything. He’s not Don DeLillo for nothing.

Nor is Dylan Dylan for nothing. I read his Chronicles (volume one) when it came out in 2004. Something made me pick him up again last week. I read it all again. It’s even better than you think it would be, even if you think it’d be better than almost any writer out there. The way he puts words together, the intelligence, the recall. Unrivaled. I felt lucky to be reading him.

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