Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I HAVE AN ALMOST-50-YEAR-OLD LONDON FOG LIGHT-TAN RAINCOAT that my mother sent me money to buy in the campus store in South Bend, Indiana that I wear when it’s just sprinkling and I want to hold my sign to show the people it matters more than enough--as in, I think it could change the world--to get a little wet. Part of my street cred with the sign comes from my consistency. ‘Man, you’re here every day.’

It was raining too hard though today. Not too hard for me. I’ve got that raincoat and a couple different baseball caps I could wear. But the sign could get ruined if it’s sopping rain.

I never want to miss a day, which is a pretty powerful sign of its own. Today especially I wanted to be there, to stand as mindfully as I could for Gwen Ifill.

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