Thursday, November 17, 2016

NOT EVERYBODY GETS THE SIGN. Some don’t want to. You can see it on their faces. Who are you to be holding that sign? We don’t need you to tell us. Don’t remind us.

Maurice gets it. Gets it as much anyone maybe. He stopped yesterday. Skinny black guy. Probably not my age. Silk baseball jacket on. Matching baseball cap. Both with the logo of the security company he works for. He was heading to work. He tapped my sign right in the center to let me know that the message was at the core of what’s needed. He said that the young kids do wild things because they’re frustrated. He said frustration is the root of all the problems. He tapped the sign again and said that would keep them from being so frustrated. He re-emphasized that notion, and said the sign was a good thing, keep up the fight. And headed off to work. 

Then he turned and came back and fist bumped me, asked me my name and told me his.

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