Monday, February 11, 2019

For someone who's become a morning fixture on Chambers Street, I approached my spot self-consciously today. I hadn't been there in two weeks. I felt guilty. That's the longest I'd been missing with my sign in almost seven years. I'd been out in Wyoming to see my daughter and her three daughters and I thought I'd be back in a week. But big snows kept me from getting out of there for four days last week.

People asked about me today. Where had I been? The sign got good looks and head nods and thumbs up from some new passers-by. I wasn't there a minute when a woman marched by the sign and said, Exactly

Seeing my daughter and hanging around her funny, strong-willed kids was great. Being in a beautiful mountain town was great too. I wish I could go to such places without missing a day holding the sign with its message. I still think what the sign says could change the world.

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