Friday, May 8, 2020

I GO AT LEAST ONCE A DAY to the bodega across the street. Every morning I buy an orange and a Granny Smith apple and a banana which they have in clear bags galore. I get a black coffee too, and more frequently recently, a cookie or a chocolate muffin, even a Milky Way if I can’t resist. I love the small store. The older guy in the photo is the Korean-American owner. He’s not there very often. His attractive wife often is. He’s just checking on something. Usually it’s just one young person behind the counter, from Nepal or Egypt or the Philippines. They’re here in school. When the owner couple isn’t there, they turn up the music, always rap.

If you live here, you go to such stores. Every neighborhood has them. Each neighborhood is like a small town. That’s why people like living here.

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